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Here's how I got everything to work using Spam Assassin, MIMEDefang, and Procmail, three common and freely available open source software packages.To make managing my email easier, I like to sort incoming messages into a few folders (in addition to the inbox).In 20, I awarded "Best Couple" to two open source commands or program types that, combined, make my world a better place.

But it does what I need it to do and is known to work well with the software I am already using. It can be configured for use at the system level as well as at the individual user level.The Talk tab of the Wikipedia page has a bit of discussion about this, which generated even more confusion for me.) I've been using Spam Assassin and MIMEDefang together to score and mark incoming emails as spam, placing a known string in the subject, ###SPAM###, so that I can identify and sort junk email both as a human and with software.I use UW IMAP for client access to emails, but that is not a factor in server-side filtering and sorting.For some unknown reason, sometimes the client does not delete (expunge) the moved messages from the inbox.This may be an issue with Thunderbird (or it may be a problem with my configuration of Thunderbird).

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