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Gallegos comes up against the metal barrier separating the competition area from the seats and Hank is on him, grabbing his head and forcing his face into his greasy armpit.

Gallegos struggles for a moment, then goes limp while the crowd chants “HO-BO HANK, HO-BO HANK.” Hobo Hank stars for the Destiny Wrestling Organization, an Albuquerque-based independent professional wrestling league, one of dozens across the United States and one of hundreds that have risen (and mostly fallen) over the last century.

“But in 1994, [professional wrestlers] wouldn’t just teach anybody. Baca and Luna threw him around the ring, pinned him to the mat and placed him in a series of brutal holds until Singer was crying out in pain.

” Hobo Hank is the city’s favorite “babyface” – a wrestling term for “good guy.” He’s a down-on-his-luck everyman who doesn’t always fight clean, but always fights for what’s right.Gallegos has slipped out of the ring to dodge Hank’s barrage of blows.But Hank is right behind him, sweaty, grunting and unstoppable.Bojangles,” carrying an over-the-shoulder backpack and a sign that reads “Will Rassle 4 Food God Bless.” Despite – or perhaps because of – his unassuming character, the crowd loves him.In real life, Hobo Hank is Joe Singer, the general manager of a Chili’s restaurant in Los Lunas, a bedroom community some forty miles south of Albuquerque.

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