Updating bios on eee pc

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I have looking to upgrade my BIOS on my 1000H eeepc.

I have read several tutorials but none of them seem to make any sense to me.

We are flashing the 1000HE because the newer BIOS firmware has added support for Windows 7 features.

Copy 1301to its root folder and rename it to 1005HA. If EZ flash failed saying trying to find a rom file with another name, just shutdown the netbook and rename your rom file to the required name and try again.4. Make sure that during the ASUS splash screen, press ALT F2.

The operating system is not important when it comes to BIOS updates, but this option will give you a list of all drivers for your PC and your OS, so you can download them as well if you need any.

Once youve downloaded the bios update file, unzip it and rename it to 1000H.

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The upgrade takes about 2-3 minutes and at the end youre asked to press the power button to restart the computer.

In my case I used a 32 MB SD card which came with my old Kodak camera, and I used a SD card reader that PC can see it as a usb disk. ROM is that EZ Flash on this 1001HA netbook looks up rom with this name.

Then EZ Flash will run automatically and try to locate the usb drive and read from file 1005HA.

Newer systems are usually not an issue to update as it is a download , double-click on the executable and away you go.

This one was a bit different as the download file was a ROM binary and there was no double-click.

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