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You gotta do it.'''And I got to work and she turned around the corner and my face sort of froze in a half panic, half smile sort of situation.' Wasn't the greatest: Scott told the host that he had not been the best boyfriend but was determined to be supportive when Keri chopped off all her hair for the show as previosuly he had been 'a disaster of a boyfriend'Not doing himself any favors after all these years, Scott described Keri's haircut as having 'a Chia [Pet] head sort of vibe to it'.'I just didn't pull it off and she called me out,' he recalled.'But it grew into something great - we all recovered.'But Jimmy wanted more details as to what made Scott such a disaster.Speedman revealed they were still together when Russell’s character famously chopped off her signature curly mane for a story line.“We were actually dating at the time and I had been such a disaster of a boyfriend up until [then] and I knew I had to put on a good show,” he explained.And like magpies we're attracted to anything sparkly and shiny.Glitter, sequins, beading, we'll take it all and lots of it please. Weeks after Scott Speedman and Teresa Palmer ended their one-year relationship, the actor, 37, was photographed kissing and caressing French actress Camille De Pazzis in Hawaii October 7.Speedman was last seen in the state in July with Four's Palmer, 26.

Scott said he would be open to doing a reunion ala Netflix's Gilmore Girls special - but he joked Keri might be too big of a deal these days.

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I mean, when you say 'sub-naval drama,' I'm very interested," Speedman said during the Television Critics Association panel July 27.

on Tuesday (June 6) and he opened up about the time he swam in Ellen‘s pool without her permission over 20 years ago!

During his first trip to Los Angeles in 1996, Scott was invited to the house for a party thrown by one of Ellen‘s former assistants while she was out of town.

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