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There is also incest (in LP it's between brothers; in Mf J it's between father and son).The plot for both almost wholly revolves around sex and rape.Both mangas involve love triangles in which the seme is crushing on the uke, along with a third-wheel that's crushing on the uke.However, in Interval the uke initially likes someone else, while in SH: YCn B he doesn't really like anyone.Also, it's important to note SL is an incomplete manga. In SL seme chases after the uke, unlike in Bn S where the uke is the one with the initial crush.Both semes are older (in SL this is assuming the older, more dominant personality is the seme. Also, it's important to note SL is an incomplete manga.In both mangas the uke falls in love with someone seemingly unattainable. In Bw Kn Tn N the uke is more promiscuous, while in KH-Pure the uke has looked only at the seme.Both ukes are seen as very attractive men, and are frequently fawned over by not just the seme.

Both mangas include a pairing between men of different ethnicity.Initially, both semes do not realize their attraction for the ukes.The uke is more feminine in DOn S but both ukes are known to be gay prior to their relationship with the seme.Both mangas involve an uke in an abusive relationship.However, in Snw SY the abuser is the seme, while in Ahn Kw DN the uke is dating another man, and the seme saves him from further torment.

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