Hiv positive dating sites in nigeria today

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The first day I swallowed it, it was hell; later they changed the drug.

Since then I have been on drugs, one in the morning, one in the night.

Seeing her almost turned to an outcast in her father’s house was enough discouragement but she never allowed that to weigh her down.

“I went to churches and I was told it was a spiritual attack.

According to the UN 90-90-90 target to end HIV epidemic by 2020, 90 percent of all people living with HIV will know their HIV status, 90 percent of all people with diagnosed HIV infection will receive sustained anti-retroviral therapy and 90 percent of all people receiving ant-iretroviral therapy will have viral suppression.“One thing I also remember that doctors always told me that time was that ‘it is not HIV that kills people, it is the thinking that leads high blood pressure, even death.” Asked how she was able to adhere to the drugs, she said: “I have my alarm since I was placed on one drug per day and you can take it only when you want to go to bed or you want to relax. Even when I am sleeping, my phone will ring and I will stand up and swallow it.To God be the glory, I am living with HIV but, today, if I run a test, it will come out negative.Many reports have shown that improving access to HIV testing and treatment saves lives and prevents new infections.According to the report of the United State National Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), eight out of 10 HIV infections are transmitted by people who are not diagnosed or not on treatment.

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