Going on dates but not dating

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Right before you leave, tell him you had a great time, but that this won’t be happening again. Or do you regret sleeping with him only if he doesn’t call you back?

It seems to me that you’re feeling remorse or guilt about jumping into bed with this guy on date one.

But let’s pretend it hasn’t, just for shits and giggles. All I’m saying is, if you like him and he likes you, then I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t go for it if the mood is right. And if it wasn’t ever there to begin with and you were just doing him because you were bored and it was Wednesday then maybe you are the town whore and you should seek help. Stop beating yourself up about it and be happy that you learned something more about yourself through the process. From my extensive focus groups on this topic (eavesdropping on people at Starbucks on Sunday mornings), I’d say outlook not so good, better ask again later.

So now you’re worried that he won’t call you, that he doesn’t respect you, that he thinks you may be the town whore and he should head for the hills before the red light above your door burns out. The sex will be passionate—or maybe it’ll be shitty and you’ll know whether you want to move forward with the relationship. The straight woman’s perspective: Rebecca Brown Standing in today for Rebecca is Magic 8-ball. I do know of one couple who’s been happily married for several years, and they had sex on the first date.

After a few dates with a guy, you feel like this could lead to something, when suddenly he falls off the face of the earth.

Or it’s been months—he’s even uttered the word “girlfriend”—and out of nowhere he says he’s not ready for a relationship.

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