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As mentioned above, the Merkbah is the merged opposition of 2 three-dimensional equilateral triangles to form a six pointed star.

However, how can our Octahedron Body of Light create a Merkabah formation when it is made of more than 2 Tetrahedrons ? If you were to draw a three-dimensional Octahedron, you would find that it is comprised of not just 2 Tetrahedrons, but in actual fact 8 Tetrahedrons.

This Sacred Geometric symbol will resonate your Double Merkabah Body of Light and activate/attune its highest potential through Metatron’s Cube.

When used on a regular basis the energetics offer healing to the physical body, serenity to the mind/emotions & sacred grace to the Soul.

You awaken to your full Soul Potential as your Activate & Attune your DNA and step into being conscious architect of personal, planetary & cosmic Evolutionary Consciousness.

Place a Stellated Dodecahedron Clear Quartz Crystal under your pillow (or on your bedside table) each night.

Thus Merkabah means the Spirit/body surrounded by counter rotating fields of Light.

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When you entrain with Earth’s Crystalline Wisdom, you re-remember who you are, why you chose this life-time on Earth and how to fully embrace your Soul potential here on Earth as a Divine Human.

This energy centre fosters strength, vitality and feeling of ‘belonging’ through every level of the Crystalline Matrix, through to the physical body.

When the Earth Star is fully anchored, activated and harmonically open to allow a two-way flow of energy, Cosmic Energy can be channeled down from the Cosmic Gateway (down via the Universal & Stellar Gateways) through the Soul Star and down into the Core of Earth, the Earth Gateway.

Conversely energy can then be transmitted from the Core of Earth back through the Soul Star and into the Cosmic Gateway.

We have the potential to transform our Octahedron Body of Light into a conscious Merkabah field formation in order to facilitate transformational healing through the 13 Spheres of Metatron’s Cube.

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