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Alaska has seen a dramatic rise in opioid use and opioid overdose related deaths.This project will help Alaska's unmet need by increasing the capacity and number of prescribers of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), increasing the number served, and augmenting present prevention efforts.Data has not captured OUDs in the past, therefore, the prevalence of OUDs in American Samoa is uncertain at this time.Given the trends of other licit and illicit substances, it is imperative that American Samoa have an established infrastructure that is equipped to intervene as early as possible for OUD suspected cases.Five primary goals will be accomplished with this project: (1) to increase awareness and knowledge of the general public, health professionals, and behavioral health service providers about OUD; (2) to conduct a needs assessment that will identify the level of need and readiness of the behavioral health system to address OUDs; (3) to develop a territorial strategic plan for the treatment and prevention of OUD in American Samoa; (4) to effectively identify adult opioid use or OUD in the community through extensive data collection (Behavioral Health Survey) and screening; and (5) implement evidence based practices for the treatment of OUD.The average number of individuals enrolled per annum in the SSA's Substance Abuse, Prevention, and Treatment (SAPT) program is 300.An additional 375 people per year, or 750 across the life of the grant, will be served at one of the eight funded treatment providers with treatment and recovery services.

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Target populations are individuals with OUDs; those with OUDs being released from correctional settings; and pregnant and parenting women with OUDs; young adults and older adults.

The ADMH will collaborate with its state partners to conduct a needs assessment to identify gaps in the state's system that block access to OUD treatment and related services.

The project will expand access to medications approved for OUD; improve retention in care for individuals who have been diagnosed with an OUD; improve the skills of the workforce for delivery of evidence-based services for OUDs; reduce stigma and improve public awareness of opioid misuse and addiction crisis and of treatment options available; increase the availability of Naloxone; and enhance statewide coordinated efforts of the strategic prevention framework.

This project will strengthen prevention efforts, decrease access to opioid medications through the purchasing and distribution of drug disposal bags, and provide naloxone kits.

To build capacity to provide office-based opioid treatment (OBOT) Hub and Spoke treatment approach to target three to five behavioral health agencies in high needs communities.

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